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Don’t Panic: These Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Perfect for a New Relationship

Keep it casual on your first Valentine’s Day together.

When you’re in a new relationship, nothing is quite as scary as Valentine’s Day approaching. It might even feel like giving a gift communicates certain feelings that might not be openly reciprocated (or at least acknowledged) yet.

Luckily, there are Valentine’s Day gifts for a new relationship that don’t scream “I’m obsessed with you!” It’s more like they whisper “I like you, but I’m not a creepy stalker or anything.” There are a few non-verbal gifts on this list, too.

We pulled together gift ideas for your new boyfriend or girlfriend ranging from things as innocuous as baked goods or plants to slightly gutsier presents like an experience gift for a future date.
Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - couple smiling with balloons


How to Decide What Gift to Get For Your New S.O. This Valentine’s Day

Let’s start here: you shouldn’t feel pressured to give a gift at all. Many couples, regardless of the length of their relationship, bypass gift-giving on Valentine’s Day and opt for a shared experience instead.

That said, here are a few general rules of thumb to follow when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts in a new relationship.

  • If it’s a brand new relationship… and you’re not yet “official,” it’s best to avoid gift-giving altogether. It can make things awkward if they don’t reciprocate, and you may be spending money on someone who isn’t that into you. Spend your hard-earned cash on yourself or a Galentine’s Day party instead.
  • If you’ve had “the talk,” but only recently… stick to a low budget. Expensive and mega-personalized gifts can be overwhelming and communicate a level of seriousness your relationship might not be ready for. After all, nothing screams “I love you!” like a PS5 or a promise ring engraved with your anniversary.

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13 Valentine’s Day Gifts for a New Relationship

1. Their favorite alcohol

This gift idea is foolproof. It’s the perfect balance of thoughtful and functional without being overbearing. Plus, they might share. Cheers!

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Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - bottle of Jack Daniels


2. A treat you baked

Not sure if gifts are the vibe this Valentine’s Day? You can’t go wrong with baked goods.

Even if they didn’t get you something, you won’t feel awkward handing them a plate of cookies. You can even brush it off by saying, “I made a big batch for my friends and had some leftover!” We won’t tell.
Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - homemade cookies


3. Remind them of an inside joke

Maybe you two always laugh about how much you secretly love White Castle. Or you give them a hard time for their blank walls. Gift them something that’ll remind them of the joke. It’s lighthearted, but still really frickin’ cute of you.

Hallmark, take notes.
Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - laughing couple


4. Their favorite candy

When it comes to food, you really can’t go wrong. Candy gives off “I thought about you, but not too hard” energy, which might be just the right tone at this point in your relationship.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - bag of candy


5. Tickets to an experience

Give an experience gift you can enjoy together. Think: tickets to a movie, concert, sports game, or play. It’s thoughtful and gives you both something to look forward to.

And if you’re not their plus one? Red flag. Unless they take their grandma. That would be acceptable.
Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - couple playing at an arcade


6. A good book

Picking out a book you think someone will love is extremely thoughtful. And affordable. Just, uh, make sure they like to read first.
Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - person reading an open book


7. A gift card to a restaurant

Is there a restaurant they keep mentioning that they want to try? Or a hip new spot that just opened up in their neighborhood? Grab a gift card for them and reap the benefits of authentic Spanish tapas later. Order an extra Sangria for us.
Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - couple sharing dinner


8. High-speed iPhone charger

Get them a high-speed chargers so they can keep their phone charged at all times (to text you of course). It’s not sexy, but it is caring.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - high speed iPhone charger


9. A bundle of coffee or tea

Who doesn’t need caffeine to get through the day? Get your S.O. a pack of high quality beans or tea leaves to elevate their morning routine. Nothing beats the gift of being hyped up.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - pack of Starbucks coffee grinds


10. Bombas socks

Once you’ve tried Bombas, you can’t go back to regular socks. Give them a pair of these deliciously comfortable socks.

If they’re a philanthropist (or, ya know, just a good person), they’ll be psyched to learn that a pair gets donated to someone in need for each pair purchased.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - Bombas socks


11. Harry’s Shaving Kit: Winston Set

Help them stay groomed and avoid beard burn during future make-outs. A Harry’s shaving kit might just be the perfect gift.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - Harry's shaving kit Winston


12. Yeti Rambler 30 oz Travel Mug

Everyone loves drinkware that keeps their beverages either scorchingly hot or icy cold. If you want to take this gift up a notch, you can even customize it with their favorite sports team’s logo or a monogram.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - Yeti Tumbler


13. A plant

When in doubt, give a cute succulent. It’s the perfect accessory for their desk or presumably bare nightstand, and it won’t die from neglect. Unlike you.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For a New Relationship - succulents

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