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Should You Dump Your S.O. During the “Turkey Drop?”

It has nothing to do with fowl.

November: a month marked by giving thanks, stuffing our faces full, brawling for deals…and Thanksgiving breakups. This phenomenon is so common the masses gave it a name: the turkey drop.

What is the Turkey Drop?

The turkey drop is that time of year right before the holidays when many couples break up.

The term was first conceived in reference to freshmen in college who decided to ditch their high school sweetheart for a shiny, new classmate. And then, they let their former flame know the first time they saw each other in person, often over Thanksgiving break.

But unfortunately, the turkey drop is here to stay long after you’ve moved on from a life of classes and dorm rooms.
Turkey Drop - couple cuddling outside in fall

Why Do People Break Up Around Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a snowball of many holidays (pun intended). We’ve got Thanksgiving, various religious celebrations in December like Christmas and Hanukkah, followed closely by New Year’s and the granddaddy of romantic holidays, Valentine’s Day.

Do you see where we’re going with this?

Several of those holidays come with gift requirements and nearly all of them have time requirements. As in, time often spent with your partner’s family…which can be painful to sit through if you know you’re calling it quits on the relationship in the near future.

Furthermore, the holidays can be a common time to reevaluate your connection. If you’re earlier in the relationship, impending festivities might stir up those “what are we?” conversations. It is cuffing season, after all.

For those who have been dating for a while, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to meet each others’ families, or stir up expectations around a little square box with a ring inside.

Basically, sh*t gets real this time of year.
Turkey Drop - couple fighting

Should You Participate in the Turkey Drop?

TLDR: don’t wait.

As cruel as it might feel to break up with your partner before some of the most magical days of the year, it’s far worse to drag out the relationship longer than necessary. For both you and them. Trust us: breaking up on February 15 isn’t going to hurt any less.

Not only will they likely end up buying you a gift that you’ll feel guilty about receiving. Your partner might also get a false sense that the relationship is evolving during this romantic time of year. Especially if the family gets involved.
Turkey Drop - man surprising woman on christmas

Don’t risk them falling deeper in love with someone who has one foot out the door. Cut things off in as kind a way as possible (no ghosting allowed), and wish them the best.

And what’s a more comforting way to deal with a breakup than by eating delicious food and getting tons of presents?

By Jess Lohr

Jess is a Cambridge-based, Syracuse-born twenty-something who loves coffee, dogs and stalking Zillow for her future home. Her favorite ways to kill time include strolling through Boston’s cobblestone streets, socializing over a glass of wine, and reading finance books (if only 22-year-old Jess were like this).

She has spent the past 4+ years working in Consumer Insights, and when she’s not working on her 9-5, you can find her pursuing her most recent side hustle as a dog sitter. Jess is co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast and lifestyle website with the mission of helping post-grads navigate adulthood.

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