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Third Wheeling Memes For the Eternally Single

Don’t have an S.O.? We can’t help with that. But we can make you laugh.

Sometimes you’re the bride, sometimes you’re the single bridesmaid…fifteen times in a row. If you’re the gal who is always the plus one to a party of two, we rounded up a bunch of third wheeling memes so you can finally feel seen.

We’re firm believers that being the third wheel ain’t always that bad. Hey, it might even lead to a hot date with your BFF’s BF’s BFF. Say that three times fast!

Still, we’re all for commiseration around here, so if being the third wheel has you blue, allow us to make you laugh. Or at least try to. We’re no Amy Poehler.


15 Third Wheeling Memes to Send Your Plus One’s Plus One

1. We didn’t sign up for dinner and a show, but we’re all about free things.

Third Wheeling Memes - when the couple starts arguing


2. And despite all that, Harry was the “Chosen One.” See, there is hope for you yet!

Third Wheeling Memes - Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron


3. Salty? Who, us?


4. On second thought, maybe a quiet night in with a Domino’s pizza might be more fun. Oh, and garlic knots.


5. When every sentence starts with “remember that time when…” and you don’t remember that time.

Third Wheeling Memes - third wheel with friends


6. Just add “the first time you have to poop at your significant other‘s house” to that list, and you’re all set.

Third Wheeling Memes - list of awkward things


7. We’ve officially found the cutest third wheel alive. No offense to you.


8. Does no one know how to keep their tongues to themselves these days? Has no one seen the cautionary tale  that is A Christmas Story?

Third Wheeling Memes - couple starts kissing


9. Okay point taken, but is third wheeling with Pete Davidson even really third wheeling? For all we know, Antoni will be next.

Third Wheeling Memes - Antoni with Pete Davidson


10. As far as we’re concerned, Donkey is absolutely winning. Eggos before bros.

Third Wheeling Memes - Donkey has waffles


11. Suddenly my phone is utterly fascinating. And oh no, my scorpion is being rushed to the vet! Gotta go.

Third Wheeling Memes - couple starts fighting


12. Third wheeling is a personality trait. Update your dating app profile accordingly.

Third Wheeling Memes - personality pic


13. No wonder they don’t like sharing now. The poor things are traumatized.

Third Wheeling Memes - only child


14. We’ve found that if you throw beets at people, they usually stop making out. Eggs work, too!

Third Wheeling Memes - Dwight Schrute with Jim and Pam


15. As the honorary third wheel, I officially cast my ballot in favor of life. And the speed limit.

Third Wheeling Memes - I don't care bunnies

By Laura Davis

Laura is the co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast and blog for post grads, where she writes about friendship, dating, and career with the mission of helping guide twenty-somethings through early adulthood. She has written and edited for a variety of lifestyle publications, including Let's Eat Cake, Popular Science, and Flixed.

When she's not typing away on her laptop, you can find Laura working on her MBA at Boston College, listening to Taylor Swift, or sweating it out at an OrangeTheory class. Follow her on Instagram @LauraKristine21 and LinkedIn.

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