Build a Shower Routine Fit For The Spa With These 7 Relaxing Steps

A spa experience in the comfort of your own bathroom.

For most, taking a shower is as automated as brushing your teeth, and it’s likely you haven’t given showering much thought since you first upgraded from baths as a kid. Showering feels like a delicious treat for some and a chore for others, but regardless of where your preferences lie, it’s not optional. So why not make an enjoyable shower routine out of it?

It may not feel like showering warrants a structured routine, but in true Type A fashion, you can make a routine out of anything. Plus, by building a routine around showering, you’ll check all of your bodily care habits off the list in one fell swoop. Like finally clipping your toenails. Someone had to say it.
Shower Routine - spa-like bathroom

7 Steps You Need in Your Shower Routine

Your shower routine is so much more than what happens within the water; it’s about the events leading up to and following it. Even if you think you know all there is to know about what goes into a shower, check out these seven steps to see where you might be missing the mark.

1. Prepare the environment.

Nothing is worse than taking a relaxing, hot shower… only to realize you don’t have a towel in the bathroom. While it is an opportunity to streak through your home with wild abandon, that can be a really cold and slippery endeavor. Spare yourself the wet floors by ensuring that you have a towel on deck. Bonus points if you can (safely) leave it near the heater so it’s nice and toasty.

Step one in your ideal shower routine is to make sure all the necessary products are in place so you don’t have to reach out mid-shower for that new bottle of conditioner. Again, we’re actively trying to avoid wet bathroom floors. They suck to walk on and, if it happens often enough, suck even more for the person who lives beneath you. Goodbye, security deposit.
Shower Routine - towels

2. Transform your bathroom into a spa.

Now that the gear is in place, it’s time to fix the vibe. Since many of us live in older digs devoid of decent lighting, it’s time you invest in a salt rock nightlight from Amazon. And by invest, we mean spend $15.

By replacing your fluorescent overhead light with the dim glow of the salt rock lamp, you’ll feel so much more zenned out. This swap is recommended regardless of the time of day. Sterile lighting is never welcomed (unless you’re a surgeon, then by all means).
Shower Routine - salt rock lamp

Next, you’ll want to turn the water all the way up and spritz some Eucalyptus spray into the steam forming at the top. This will make your bathroom smell incredible and open your sinuses right up. If you want to go hard, you can buy some real eucalyptus leaves from Trader Joe’s and string them over your shower head.

The last step is the music. You can take your own liberties here and play whatever is music to your own ears, but if you want to do a full-send spa vibe, we recommend finding a spa music playlist on Spotify… say, Tibetan Bowls?
Shower Routine - eucalyptus shower spray

3. Remove any makeup you have on.

While the shower is heating up, remove your makeup. There’s nothing more haunting than looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing the Joker stare back. And your white towels hate the Joker.

Either run a makeup wipe or cleanser over your face to get most of your makeup off before stepping into the shower. We also recommend including a makeup removing face wash in your shower so you can do the deed while you’re in there. Usually the rest will come off from the water pounding onto your face.
Shower Routine - CeraVe facial cleanser

4. Take your shower.

Cue the main event! At the top of your shower routine, it might be helpful to consider the objective of this event. Is this exclusively a body shower, is it the shower, or is it somewhere in between?

We all know the shower. It happens less frequently, but it’s the one in which you get everything done. We’re talking shampooing, conditioning, maybe hair mask-ing, shaving, exfoliating, washing. It’s the marathon of showers, minus the free snacks on the side (unless your roommate rocks).

If you’re taking the shower, you’ll want to be more strategic with how you order your activities… unless you’re willing to stand in the hot water for forty-minutes. In which case, you might need a cold water bottle and a side hustle to keep up with those water bills.

If you’re the kind of girl who likes to let her conditioner marinate, make sure you find time for this before you shave. This way, by the time your drain is clogged, you can rinse your hair and be near the finish line. However, if you run greasy, you might not want to leave your conditioner in for five minutes. Perhaps spend more energy on the shampoo side of the house.
Shower Routine - woman showering

5. Don’t forget the post-shower routine.

The best time to get all of your other hygiene-related activities done is right after you shower. Once you’ve hopped into that fluffy robe, get out a lavish body butter and moisturize everywhere. While many of us are great at applying lotion to our faces, we often neglect the rest of our skin. Not cool.

Once you’ve moisturized, unwrap your hair from its towel and give it a gentle brush with a wide-tooth comb. Do you have Moroccan Oil or a nice hair serum? This is a good time to apply that.

Next, check if your nails need clipping. If you’re anything like us, the toenails can get neglected a bit too long in the winter. Lastly, use this time to apply some deodorant. As our seventh grade health teachers taught us, it’s best to put on deo when you’re freshly clean rather than using it to mask odor.
Shower Routine - putting on moisturizer

6. Complete your skin care routine.

Now that you’re clean, soft, and trimmed, it’s time to complete your skin care routine. Some of us wash our faces in the shower, so if that’s you, skip that step and focus on moisturizing.

Lather on a serum or moisturizer, and to take it a step further, use a jade roller to steep it all in. At this point, you’re as dewy as a glazed donut.
Shower Routine - jade roller

7. Get the oral care done.

You’re almost entirely clean… but don’t forget your mouth! Before you re-enter the world beyond your bathroom walls, make sure to floss, brush and mouthwash. For the extra orally-hygienic, you can finish it off with a tongue scraper.

Before you step out of the hazy glow of your homemade spa, apply a chapstick or lip serum. We especially love the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.
Shower Routine - Laneige lip sleeping mask

Why you need a shower routine in your life

Life is better when you romanticize the little things. Making something as routine as a shower indulgent is an easy way to improve your day… regardless of whether you’re a morning or night shower kind of gal.

Taking a spa-like shower is a form of self-care you can add into everyday life. Plus, your roommate will be endlessly appreciative of your high hygiene standards.

By Jess Lohr

Jess is a Cambridge-based, Syracuse-born twenty-something who loves coffee, dogs and stalking Zillow for her future home. Her favorite ways to kill time include strolling through Boston’s cobblestone streets, socializing over a glass of wine, and reading finance books (if only 22-year-old Jess were like this).

She has spent the past 4+ years working in Consumer Insights, and when she’s not working on her 9-5, you can find her pursuing her most recent side hustle as a dog sitter. Jess is co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast and lifestyle website with the mission of helping post-grads navigate adulthood.

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