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29 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for All Budgets and Personalities

Be the Santa with the mostest.

More and more, friend groups, colleagues, and families are trading massive gift exchanges at Christmas for simpler (and cheaper) gifting webs like Secret Santa or White Elephant. The best Secret Santa gift ideas are on-budget, thoughtful and relevant for the receiver, and ideally, fun.

Secret Santa is simple. If you haven’t played this party game before, allow us to fill you in. Everyone in the group draws a name from a hat (or you could do it electronically with a tool like Elfster). Whoever you pick is the person you need to buy a gift for. Meanwhile, someone else in the group is busy stressing about what to buy you. ‘Tis the season!

Picking your recipient is the easy part, but the challenging part comes next: figuring out what to get for them. If you’re looking for Secret Santa gift ideas within your group’s budget, we’ve got you covered with gifts ranging from $15 to $100. Whether you’re holiday shopping for your elusive coworker or your has-it-all cousin, we’ve got the perfect present on our list.
Secret Santa gift ideas


Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $25

1. Brumate Hopsulator

$24.99 at Brumate

Country singers aren’t the only ones that appreciate an ice cold beer. This product slips right over your recipient’s favorite canned beverage to keep it cold allllll day long. Luke Bryan’s latest album sold separately.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Brumate


2. We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

Buy on Amazon

A game is the perfect Secret Santa gift idea for someone you don’t know super well. The deck is packed full of questions to ask to get to know each other better. There are even add-on packs for friends and couples if your recipient wants more later on.
Secret Santa gift ideas - We're not really strangers card game


3. iPhone Super Fast Charger

Buy on Amazon

People always need two things in life: more socks and phone chargers. Which makes this the perfect gift: it will charge their phone fast and extend over their piles of clothes next to their bed!
Secret Santa gift ideas - super fast iPhone chargers


4. Yootech Wireless Charger

Buy on Amazon

What’s better than a 6-foot charger? A wireless one! You’ll find yourself ordering two of these – one for you and one for them – at checkout.
Secret Santa gift ideas - wireless iPhone charger


5. Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Buy on Amazon

Does your Secret Santa selection have a bunch of kids running around? Gift them a Bluetooth-enabled eye mask that will allow them to drift off to sleep to the sound of gentle waves. You know, until little Benny spills his toys all over the floor with a crash.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Bluetooth enabled eye mask


6. CinniBird Spice Pen

$20.99 at CinniBird

Fulfill your loved one’s inner dream of being a barista with this latte pen. Don’t forget to include their very own milk frother (because if they don’t already have one, this gift won’t help much).
Secret Santa gift ideas - CinniBird spice pen


7. Bombas Merino Wool Sweater Socks

$22.00 at Bombas

Remember when we said people always need socks? Since we wrote that, we already lost another pair. Give a pair of Bombas this holiday season, with the added bonus knowledge that they donate a pair of socks for each one purchased.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Bombas ankle socks


8. Galaxy Star Projector

Buy on Amazon

This star projector turns any room into a galactic wonderland. They don’t have to be a child nor a Swiftie to love this one, though it does pair perfectly with the Midnights album. Not that we know from experience or anything.
Secret Santa gift ideas - galaxy projector


9. Foodie Dice

$24.00 on Etsy

This one is perfect for your cousin who thinks they’re a Michelin star chef. Help them live out their Chopped fantasy with this set of foodie dice. Maybe you’ll even reap the benefits of their rosemary-bacon-tofu concoction.

On second thought, stay far, far away from the kitchen next time they bust this out.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Foodie Dice


10. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Buy on Amazon

Choosing between reheated hot coffee and making it to your meeting in time is no longer a concern with this helpful gadget. This mug warmer will keep their coffee hot for days. We shouldn’t have to say this, but please don’t drink several-day old coffee.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer


Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $50

11. Bombas Gripper Slippers

$48.00 at Bombas

Slippers aren’t lost at the same rate as socks, but they do often get stolen by the dog. Gift a pair of these deliciously soft slippers that can hold their own against any freshly Swiffered hardwood floor.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Bombas Gripper Slippers


12. Sephora Mini Perfume Sampler Set

$28.00 at Sephora

This Sephora set comes with five mini versions of popular perfumes. The best part? The set includes the opportunity for the recipient to pick out their favorite and get a free travel-size version. Bon voyage, smelly pits.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Sephora scent sampler


13. Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager

Buy on Amazon

This neck and shoulder massager is basically like gifting multiple deep tissue massages for a fraction of the cost. Plus, this thing is heated.
Secret Santa gift ideas - heated back massager


14. Cube Pro Smart Tracker

Buy on Amazon

Give the gift of peace of mind for your absent-minded friend with this tracking device that connects to anything. Yup, that includes their own child. Oh, and their burrito bowl.
Secret Santa gift ideas - CUBE Pro Smart Tracker 


15. Ninja Food Chopper

Buy on Amazon

If there’s one thing we could all stand to simplify in the kitchen, it’s chopping vegetables. This food chopper will turn a full bell pepper into stir-fry perfection in seconds.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Ninja vegetable chopper


16. Personalized Pet Mug

$44.95+ on Etsy

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pet owner who doesn’t want a custom portrait of their fur baby on a mug. This gift will earn lots of coos from the crowd.
Secret Santa gift ideas - custom pet mugs


17. Prepdeck Chef Caddy Spice Rack

Buy on Amazon

Something that allows them to have their olive oil and garlic powder ready at all times? Think of all the seasoning emergencies that could have been solved if we had one of these sooner.
Secret Santa gift ideas - olive oil and spice rack


18. Homesick Candle

Buy on Amazon

These candles strike the perfect balance of being both functional and personal. Everyone loves a candle and enjoys a little touch of home. No, New York City isn’t garbage day scented.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Homesick candles


19. Book of the Month Subscription

$49.99 at Book of the Month

Got a bookworm as your Secret Santa? Gift them a subscription to the Book of the Month club, where they’ll get to select a hard-cover book at the beginning of each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. (Read: ushering them to achieve their lofty reading goal.)
Secret Santa gift ideas - Book of the Month club


20. Personalized Wine Glass

$40.21+ on Etsy

Some might call this “cheugy,” but we call it adorable. Give your aesthetic friend this beautiful, personalized wine glass.
Secret Santa gift ideas - monogrammed wine glass


Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $100

21. WOOMER Electric Heated Throw Blanket 

Buy on Amazon

Everyone needs a heated blanket in their house. Unless they live in Florida. Gift any non-Floridian this electric throw to keep them warm during the coldest winter days.
Secret Santa gift ideas - heated blanket


22. TRUFF Holiday Gift Pack

Buy on Amazon

F*ck, marry, kill: black truffle-infused hot sauce, white truffle-infused hot sauce, black truffle oil. Trick question: we want to marry them all.
Secret Santa gift ideas - TRUFF gift set


23. Pajamagram World’s Softest Flannel Boyfriend Pajamas

$79.99 at Pajamagram

Nobody ever buys themselves pajamas – they need you to do it for them. Gift these soft pajamas and your recipient will be forever thanking you.
Secret Santa gift ideas - plaid pajamas


24. Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

$84.15 at Brooklinen

Next on the list of “things people don’t buy for themselves” is bathrobes. This one is akin to one you’d find at a 5-star spa. Not that it’s a competition, but you definitely just won best gift-giver award.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Brooklinen robe


25. Amazon Kindle

Buy on Amazon

If they haven’t yet converted to digital reading, give them an Amazon Kindle and bring them over to the dark side. But by dark, we actually mean “now they can read in the dark without disturbing their roommates.”
Secret Santa gift ideas - Kindle


26. UGG Slippers

$95.00 at UGG

These ones should stay far away from the dog.
Secret Santa gift ideas - UGG slippers


27. ClassPass Gift Card

$50+ at ClassPass

Are they a workout fanatic? Give them access to all the hottest local studios through a gift card to ClassPass. New Year’s resolutions have nothing on them.
Secret Santa gift ideas - ClassPass subscription


28. Pura Diffuser Winter Best Sellers Set

$83.00 at Pura

Move over, Bath & Body Works wall plug-ins: there’s a new diffuser in town. And you can control it from your phone. Deck the halls with Bluetooth-enabled oils.
Secret Santa gift ideas - pure holiday set


29. Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker

Buy on Amazon

Espresso doesn’t only have to be reserved for those willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy machine. This espresso maker will do the trick, equipped with a milk frother to make all of their oat milk latte dreams come true.
Secret Santa gift ideas - Mr. Coffee espresso maker

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