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Podcast #74: How to Live Beneath Your Means in Post Grad

How to avoid that sneaky urge to spend.

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Podcast #74: How to Live Beneath Your Means in Post Grad

Happy December, adultescents! We kick off the festive season by talking about Christmas decor and holiday festivities, plus some gift ideas.

The main topic today is how to live beneath your means…even when you aren’t making a lot of money yet. Why is it important? Splurging in every category is a recipe for lifestyle creep. To avoid burning through your budget, it’s important to learn to be intentional with your money early on in adulthood.

Jess and Laura talk about why it’s easy to start living above your means, especially as your salary starts to increase. They share some tips on how to avoid this trap, why you should have a handle on what your “means” are, and give some practical advice on how to cut out the spending triggers in your life.

How to Live Beneath Your Means

Finally, adulting moments include a shoutout to the power of baking soda as we enter baking season, and a sad update to the ongoing student loan forgiveness saga.

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By Laura Davis

Laura is the co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast and blog for post grads, where she writes about friendship, dating, and career with the mission of helping guide twenty-somethings through early adulthood. She has written and edited for a variety of lifestyle publications, including Let's Eat Cake, Popular Science, and Flixed.

When she's not typing away on her laptop, you can find Laura working on her MBA at Boston College, listening to Taylor Swift, or sweating it out at an OrangeTheory class. Follow her on Instagram @LauraKristine21 and LinkedIn.

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