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Podcast #50: How Socializing is Different After College

RIP last-minute dining hall plans.

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Podcast #50: How Socializing is Different After College

In episode 50 of the podcast, we’re talking about how your social life after college changes.

Jess and Laura kick it off with a discussion about the long weekend they spent together in Laura’s hometown. They talk about how much harder it is to recover from long, social weekends at this stage of life, which leads into this week’s main topic: socializing as an adult.

Social rules and norms are different when you reach adulthood. The two discuss how different it is to make plans with friends when they no longer live on the same campus (or even in the same dorm) as you.

Social Life After College

Friendships will shift, change, and maybe even end as a result of living in different places and having plans that don’t revolve around going out and drinking.

Your hosts end the episode by diving into a few tips for a successful post-grad social life, and then leave you with their “Adulting Moments of the Week.”

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Check out episode 46 (Maintaining Friendships After College) and episode 35 (It’s OK If You Don’t Have a Big Friend Group) next for more on the topics we covered today.

See you next Monday, besties!

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By Laura Davis

Laura was born at the beach in New Jersey, but she'd be the first to tell you her childhood was nothing like Jersey Shore. Sadly. When she's not writing, you can find her reading on her beloved Kindle, listening to true crime podcasts, or looking up adoptable cats.

Outside of her 9-5 as a writer, Laura is the owner of Looks by Laura, an online thrifted clothing boutique. She's the co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast and lifestyle website about navigating that challenging space between adolescence and adulthood. And she makes a mean eggplant parm.

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