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Podcast #46: Maintaining Friendships After College

It’s not as easy as texting your friend to meet you in the dining hall anymore.

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Podcast #46: Maintaining Friendships After College

After college, you can expect a lot of your friends to scatter across the country…or even the world. Add those to the list of high school or childhood friends who also probably live in different area codes now, making for a lot of people to keep in touch with.

In this episode of the podcast, Jess and Laura dive deep into the topic of maintaining friendships after college (and throughout your whole life).

We discuss tips on how to keep up with your long distance friends. And we share our own personal experiences with maintaining friends, now four and five years out of college (spoiler alert: one of us was much better at it than the other!).

Maintaining Friendships

There are lots of barriers to contend with as a new adult. You’ve got bills to pay, a job to clock into, new coworkers to try and befriend, dates to plan, maybe even grad school and hobbies to try and squeeze in. It’s no longer as simple as texting your friend to meet you at the dining hall on your lunch break for a quick catch-up sesh.

It’s important to determine which friends you want to keep in your life, and which others you’re okay with letting go of. In the episode, we cover why it’s not possible to maintain every friendship you’ve ever had. We also give ideas for easy ways to stay in touch and how to avoid those awkward initial conversations after it’s been a while since you’ve talked.

You’re not the only one who is struggling to maintain your relationships, so we hope this episode at least gives you solace in that. We know you’re trying your best, girlfriend!

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By Laura Davis

Laura was born at the beach in New Jersey, but she'd be the first to tell you her childhood was nothing like Jersey Shore. Sadly. When she's not writing, you can find her reading on her beloved Kindle, listening to true crime podcasts, or looking up adoptable cats.

Outside of her 9-5 as a writer, Laura is the owner of Looks by Laura, an online thrifted clothing boutique. She's the co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast and lifestyle website about navigating that challenging space between adolescence and adulthood. And she makes a mean eggplant parm.

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