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Podcast #41: Sunday Scaries: How to Combat Them And Make Weekdays More Fun

Skipping to Friday isn’t an option, so here’s the next best thing.

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Podcast #41: Sunday Scaries: How to Combat Them And Make Weekdays More Fun

Weekends are great. It’s a time for you to connect with your family, explore your hobbies, spend time with friends, and just take time to relax and unwind. And then, Sunday comes along, and with it the Sunday scaries.

Anyone who works during the regular work week is oh-so-familiar with the sense of dread that conveniently appears on Sunday nights. Whether you’re anxious because of your previous weekend drinking bender or dreading the busy week ahead, most of us can relate to the Sunday Scaries in some capacity.

Sunday ScariesIn this episode of the podcast, Jess and Laura break down the causes of the Sunday scaries. We dive into how you can combat them and make the most of this valuable time off. Why waste Sunday dreading the fact that you have to work tomorrow?

One of the best ways to alleviate the Sunday scaries is by making your weeks more enjoyable. If you constantly feel the Sunday scaries to an intense degree, it could be a sign that you aren’t happy with your job or some other aspect of your life. We give some tips on how you can spice up your work week to make it more enjoyable so you don’t feel yourself living for the weekend.

While it may be impossible to avoid the feeling of impending doom on a Sunday night, there are ways to set boundaries so you feel less pressure and dread about the week ahead.

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By Laura Davis

Laura was born at the beach in New Jersey, but she'd be the first to tell you her childhood was nothing like Jersey Shore. Sadly. When she's not writing, you can find her reading on her beloved Kindle, listening to true crime podcasts, or looking up adoptable cats.

Outside of her 9-5 as a writer, Laura is the owner of Looks by Laura, an online thrifted clothing boutique. She's the co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast and lifestyle website about navigating that challenging space between adolescence and adulthood. And she makes a mean eggplant parm.

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