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30 Funny Answers to Hinge Prompts That Will Land You a Date

The goal is to have someone respond with “you should try standup!”

When it comes to responding to Hinge prompts while crafting your dating app profile, you have a few options. You can either go funny, or you can be more earnest. We’re firm believers that dating should be fun and lighthearted, which is why we’re all about the former approach.

We put together a list of funny Hinge prompts and responses, because some prompts are just easier crack jokes about than others. Not all three of your responses need to be hilarious, but infusing humor into one or two of them is highly recommended.

If your goal is to make your Hinge matches laugh, you’ve come to the right place. Lots of har-dee-har’s ahead!
Funny Hinge Prompts - couple laughing

30 Funny Answers to Hinge Prompts

Make your Hinge profile stand out with these humorous responses.

1. My simple pleasures

What’s the key to your heart? Pizza? Watching cringey TLC shows on repeat? Getting daily foot massages? Use this dating app prompt to expose yourself.

Try these answers:

  • Re-watching Jersey Shore
  • Ikea Swedish meatballs
  • When my cat decides she likes me and curls up in my lap. Better than sex.

Funny Hinge Prompts - my simple pleasures

2. Fact about me that surprises people

This one works best if you have something truly out-of-the-box to share…or if you can find a way to make something mundane about yourself hilarious.

Try these answers:

  • I’m still single
  • I’m a Scorpio. And I seem so nice!
  • I don’t like pizza. And I’m a compulsive liar.

Funny Hinge Prompts - fact about me that surprises people

3. I’m weirdly attracted to

Don’t get too weird here (aka entering creepy territory), but this prompt offers so much room for conversation starters with creativity and humor.

Try these answers:

  • Pete Davidson
  • Guys who don’t watch football
  • Girls who are cocky yet still humble. IYKYK

Funny Hinge Prompts - I'm weirdly attracted to

4. Worst idea I’ve ever had

Truth is stranger than fiction. Think about a time you really messed up. Ideally one that you can laugh about now with a date, not one that you’re still working through in therapy.

Try these answers:

  • Picking up a stray cat off the street. RIP left eye.
  • Getting a tattoo while drunk in Thailand
  • Giving myself bangs in sixth grade. Like for pics.

Funny Hinge Prompts - Worst idea I've ever had

5. My mantra is

Funny quotes and silly sayings work great here, but make sure they actually reveal something true about you, too.

Try these answers:

  • The early bird gets the worm, but the late worm doesn’t get eaten
  • “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be scared of how much they love me.” – Michael Scott
  • “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” – Jim Carrey

Funny Hinge Prompts - my mantra is

6. We’ll get along if

This Hinge prompt is pretty easy to craft a funny response to. Think about things you dislike and turn them on their heads.

Try these answers:

  • You share your fries, but don’t expect me to share mine
  • You adore me
  • You scorn morning people. Team night owl!

Funny Hinge Prompts - we'll get along if

7. The best way to ask me out is by

A naturally flirty prompt, this one is great to include in your profile because it offers a natural segue into actually getting a date.

Try these answers:

  • Winning a duel and fighting for my honor. I might be watching too much Game of Thrones.
  • Offering to put together the new furniture I’ve been neglecting for two months
  • Saying, “will you go out with me?” I’m a simple woman.

Funny Hinge Prompts - the best way to ask me out is by

8. Together, we could

Think about something you’re excited to get into a relationship for, and then find a humorous spin. For example, if you’re looking forward to traveling with a partner, your response could be “get chased by a monkey in Bali.”

Try these answers:

  • Be the third and fourth billionaires to travel to space
  • Move in together and cut our rent in half
  • Get all of our grandparents to stop asking why we’re single

Funny Hinge Prompts - together, we could

9. The award I should be nominated for

To respond to this prompt, think about something your friends make fun of you for. Maybe it’s how you always seem to injure yourself, or you’re always late, or you’re the “mom” of the group. Now make an award out of it!

Try these answers:

  • Most likely to be 5-10 years behind the fashion trends
  • The first one to laugh in inappropriate settings
  • Most likely to eat all the good snacks in the pantry

Funny Hinge Prompts - The award I should be nominated for

10. You should *not* go out with me if

Consider your actual turn offs, and then think about a way to present them with humor. If you don’t like people who are rude to waiters, write “you won’t be down to tip 20 percent on every date.” Alternatively, think about the things you love that would be a huge green flag, too.

Try these answers:

  • You don’t appreciate Taylor Swift
  • You haven’t done 23andMe yet. V paranoid about dating a distant cousin.
  • You show up early to parties

Funny Hinge Prompts - you should not go out with me if

By Laura Davis

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