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75 of the Funniest PowerPoint Night Ideas We Could Find on TikTok

Will you be exposing your friends’ exes for their red flags, or reminding everyone of the funniest pop culture moments they forgot?

We can’t think of a more fun girls night in than a PowerPoint night. It’s the perfect mix of entertainment, raunchiness, and laughter for evenings when you can’t fathom waiting in line to get into the local dive bar. And the best presentation include the most creative, funniest PowerPoint night ideas.

PowerPoint nights can be hosted either in-person or virtually with your long distance besties. The concept is simple: each friend creates their own unique slide show based on a topic of their choosing. Usually, it’s built around an inside joke or involves the rest of the group in some way. It’s perfect for Galentine’s Day, Friendsgiving, or a casual Friday night in.

We like to think of PowerPoint nights as the Gen Z equivalent of millennial Buzzfeed quizzes. When they’re done right, they can provide an evening of endless entertainment. So, to prepare for your upcoming hang, we compiled a list of all the funniest PowerPoint night ideas we could find on TikTok.

Proceed with caution: there is a lot of spice ahead.
Funniest PowerPoint Night Ideas - friends laughing looking at TV

Funniest PowerPoint Night Ideas Your Friends Will Love

  1. Rating my friends’ best and worst Instagram pictures
  2. My friends as ice cream flavors
  3. My hit list for when the Purge happens
  4. What my friends’ scandals would be if they were famous
  5. What my friends would be like if they were guys
  6. How each friend in the group would end up in jail
  7. Rank cereal brand mascots by how good I think they’d be in bed
  8. Everyone represented as girl scout cookies
  9. A deep-dive into how our astrological birth charts match up (or don’t)
  10. Which Taylor Swift era everyone is
  11. My friends as Disney Channel girls (i.e. Miley, Selena, Demi, etc.)
  12. What the color puffle you chose in Club Penguin says about you
  13. Which one of your exes would each American Girl Doll date?
  14. Which friend is most likely to go on each reality TV show (i.e. Love is Blind, Survivor)
  15. Rating my hookups
  16. Predicting my friends’ futures in the most niche ways
  17. Guessing what each of my friends would name their future kids
  18. Guessing how long everyone would survive in the Hunger Games and what their downfall would be
  19. Why each one of my friends would end up on My Strange Addiction
  20. Ranking my exes from most to least traumatizing
  21. A starter pack for each friend
  22. What form of chicken each friend would be
  23. How many drinks it would take for me to hook up with each of my exes
  24. The DMs that have made me lose faith in men
  25. What everyone would look like as the opposite gender
  26. My personal Burn Book
  27. Disney men I would classify as a “Daddy” and the reasons why
  28. Why we would each be cancelled
  29. Top 10 best hookups I’ve ever had
  30. Guessing your friends’ most recent Google searches
  31. Your colleagues as characters from The Office
  32. Rating how problematic everyone is
  33. The top 5 things I hate most in life, without elaboration
  34. Best pop culture moments you forgot about
  35. Which Hogwarts house each friend would be in
  36. What I would do if I woke up in your body
  37. Everyone’s celebrity lookalikes
  38. How you would be un-alived in Game of Thrones
  39. My friends as Sims
  40. Things I learned from TikTok that everyone should know
  41. Reasons why I’m team Selena and you should be too
  42. Ranking my friends’ exes based on how toxic they were
  43. What Shrek characters everyone would be
  44. Things I regret
  45. Your aesthetic in three photos
  46. What your Starbucks order says about you
  47. Planning my own funeral
  48. What I think each of my friends should be named
  49. Me explaining what I think each of my friends does for work
  50. Which actor would play each of us in the movie about our lives
  51. Rating places where I have cried before
  52. Why I’m attracted to each character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  53. Why the Middle Ages were better than the 2000s
  54. Ranking all the cartoon characters I’ve had crushes on
  55. Smash or Pass: Dreamworks characters edition
  56. Men I’m irrationally attracted to but it gets weirder as it goes on
  57. How I would fake my own death for the insurance payout
  58. Sexual orientation of different cereals
  59. Greatest gingers of all time
  60. What decade we belong in based on our vibes
  61. My friends’ most toxic traits
  62. Rating MET Gala looks from least to most unhinged
  63. My friends as 2000s rom-coms
  64. Notes on my phone that need to be acknowledged publicly
  65. How many shots I’d need to hook up with each LOTR character
  66. Conspiracy theories I have about each of you
  67. Ranking celebrities I used to love before they were cancelled
  68. Rating the girls based on how hot they look as guys
  69. The order in which we would each die in a horror movie
  70. My friends as TikTok trends
  71. Everyone’s previous crushes and their most glaring red flags
  72. My friends as insane headlines
  73. Historical figures who could get it
  74. Reasons why I’m scared to have kids and you should be too
  75. The role everyone would play in a bank heist

By Laura Davis

Laura is the co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast and blog for post grads, where she writes about friendship, dating, and career with the mission of helping guide twenty-somethings through early adulthood. She has written and edited for a variety of lifestyle publications, including Let's Eat Cake, Popular Science, and Flixed.

When she's not typing away on her laptop, you can find Laura working on her MBA at Boston College, listening to Taylor Swift, or sweating it out at an OrangeTheory class. Follow her on Instagram @LauraKristine21 and LinkedIn.

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