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These First Date Questions Are Better Than “So What Do You Do For Work?”

Our guide to keeping your first dates fun and fresh… not about the specifics of their new role in accounting.

First date prep is pretty intense. We’re talking a 10-step skincare routine, full face of makeup, and ripping your closet to pieces…all while FaceTiming your bestie and blasting Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version, obviously). All of this is then followed by the panicked realization that you have no idea what you’re actually going to talk about. Enter: this list of first date questions.

Now you can focus on which shade of blue you should wear instead. You know, the important things.

First Date Questions - couple on date

What Types of First Date Questions Should You Ask?

First dates should be fun and flirty. You know what’s not fun and flirty? A job interview.

Sure, it’s important to know what your prospective partner does for work and what their visions are for the future. But those details can be discovered along the way. In fact, many of these questions can be left for dates two, three, or four. Or once you’re, like, married. Honey, you’re a doctor?!

Instead, early dating should be focused on assessing chemistry. Do your senses of humor complement each other? Can you banter? Did you have so much fun that you scheduled another date on the spot?

While it’s helpful to know that they have a thriving career in investment banking, that’s probably not what’s going to make you go on date two. Unless you’re a gold digger. In which case, we recommend you also ask what car they drive. You’re gonna look so hot in that Tesla.

First Date Questions - couple in conversation

15 Fun First Date Questions to Ask

Get good vibes flowing with these fun (and functional) first date questions. Save the ones about their childhood traumas for another time. Or their next therapy sesh.

1. What does your ideal weekend look like? 

What better way to ask what your future weekends together will look like without actually asking! This will tell you a lot about someone, and whether you can expect to spend weekends restaurant-hopping or hiking in the great outdoors.

2. What TV shows are you binging right now? 

If they don’t say Stranger Things, they’re dead to us.

First Date Questions - Netflix and chill

3. You can only eat at one restaurant in [insert city name] for the rest of your life – where are you going? 

Food compatibility is important. Will your future be filled with good ol’ American pub food, or champagne and caviar? And will they fight you about trying that new sushi spot down the street?

4. What’s the number one spot on your travel bucket list?

Translation: “where is our future honeymoon destination?”

If they say Disney World and you’re more of a European-vacation gal, this might be a future point of contention. Or you might just be on a date with Walt’s heir.

First Date Questions - couple on date

5. What are your least favorite prompt responses on dating apps? 

This will open the door for you to *playfully* rip on them for writing “Michael Scott” as their dream dinner guest. Real original, bud.

6. What are some of your pet peeves? 

Narcissists? Loud chewers? FaceTiming without headphones? Time to bond over your mutual hatred for slow walkers and fork scrapers.

First Date Questions - couple in conversation

7. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? 

…aaand this opens the door to a whole conversation around favorite music. You’re welcome. Or we’re sorry? It depends on whether they like Metallica or not.

8. If you didn’t live in [insert city], where would you be?

How fun would this conversation be? It gives you the chance to discuss all the pros and cons of moving to a given city, while subtly showing off how much you’ve traveled the United States.

“The cuisine in Tempe, Arizona is just to die for, I spent some time there between jobs.” 

First Date Questions - New York City

9. What hot takes do you have? 

Perhaps they think yellow Starburst are the superior flavor. Or that the Beatles suck. Either way, nothing like some healthy debate to fuel your sexual tension.

10. Who was your childhood crush? 

This one is best executed after a few glasses of wine. Or once you’re feeling bold: whichever comes first. Make sure to have your own response ready when the flirty question is inevitably reciprocated. And do better than ‘Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire.’ Although, same.

First Date Questions - couple on date

11. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? 

Maybe they say ziplining at Six Flags. And maybe you love that answer because you too live life on the cautious side. Sorry, Lou Reed.

12. Would you rather have a vacation house on a beach, lake, or mountain? 

Here comes a heated debate with your Hinge date, with lots of discussion around the minutiae of these various properties. “But how close to the ocean are we talking? Do I have a boat? Is there a restaurant within walking distance?”

First Date Questions - vacation plane flying

13. What’s scarier: having an apartment infested with roaches or mice? 

The undertone of this is “will you be taking care of me or will I be taking care of you” should this ever be an issue. Someone’s gotta clean out the traps…

14. Coffee or tea? Or neither? 

Will your next date be to get a Boba tea or at your local coffeehouse? And just how wired you can expect this person to be at any given time?

First Date Questions - couple in conversation

15. Do you have any pets?

This is a great first date question to figure out your partner’s allergy situation and to fuel your passion for cats or dogs. Or, uhhh, hamsters, we suppose.

By Jess Lohr

Jess is the co-founder of Adultescence, a podcast, blog and social media brand for twenty-somethings making the transition from life in college to adulthood. She writes about dating, friendship, money, and career. She also specializes in consumer insights, and is passionate about helping brands infuse the voice of their customers into their marketing, product, and CX strategies.

In her free time, you can find Jess spinning at The Handle Bar, obsessively consuming personal finance content, and playing with her adorable (but chaotic) puppy, Luca. You can follow her on Instagram @jesslohr or on LinkedIn.

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