5 Times Blair and Serena Were the Most Toxic Friends Ever

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Hey, Upper East Siders. We’ve got a harsh reality check to lay down for you. Remember your favorite TV best friends from childhood, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen? Yeah, their friendship was actually toxic AF.

In case you hadn’t put two and two together yet, we’re here to tell you that it does, in fact, equal four, and B and S were a prime example of toxic friendship.

If it’s been a while since your last Gossip Girl binge-watch, let us break it down for you. Here are all the times Blair and Serena were toxic to each other. Okay, not all the times. We don’t have all day, and neither do you.

Blair and Serena Toxic Friendship

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5 Times Blair and Serena Were Toxic Friends

1. When Blair told a room of Yale administrators that Serena killed a guy.

We’d run out of fingers if we tried counting how many times Blair and Serena used the others’ secrets as a weapon. Perhaps the most malicious was when Blair changed Serena’s answer to the question, ‘who would you like to have dinner with, real or imagined?’ to Pete Furman, the guy she “killed.” We’ll use that term lightly here. Remember the dramatic moment when Serena confessed to that, btw?

The whole Yale situation in general was super toxic. Sure, we all knew Blair’s dream was to attend Yale, but that doesn’t mean her friend can’t take a stab at it, too. Plus, if Blair or Serena ever walked around New Haven, they would both change their minds and apply to Harvard instead.

Blair’s constant jealousy of Serena and mission to tear her down is a sign of a super toxic pal.

Blair and Serena Toxic Friends

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2. When Serena slept with Nate, Blair’s boyfriend.

Yeah, we probably don’t even need to elaborate on this one, but we will anyway. No one wants to be cheated on, but you especially don’t want your boyfriend to cheat on you with your best friend.

This drama was the catalyst for the whole show, and we understand why. A lot of Blair’s future toxic actions towards Serena were a direct result of this betrayal. Not that we condone retaliation, but Blair was never known for being the bigger person. We wish someone told her that if your friend can’t keep her paws off your man, she’s not a real friend.

Then again, if someone had, Gossip Girl wouldn’t have lasted past season one, so we officially retract that sentiment.

Blair and Serena Toxic - Blair Serena Nate

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3. When Blair banished Serena from her friend group.

We told you Blair wasn’t known for being the bigger person! To be fair, she’s like a size 0. It would be hard to be smaller.

This was in direct response to the whole cheating scandal, so we can’t totally fault B for this one. Still, there were plenty of times when Blair tried to turn people against Serena out of pure insecurity and jealousy with no justifiable reason.

Their face-off on the Met Steps is iconic, but super toxic when you view it through a 2021 lens. Blair tells Serena she’s not invited to the party in front of their classmates, and it’s such a mean girl thing to do. Come on, B, have some class. And we’re not talking about first or economy.

Blair and Serena Toxic - MET steps

4. When Serena gives Blair’s soon-to-be MIL Gossip Girl blasts about B.

Blair was finally getting her moment to shine with a real life price (we still haven’t given up on you, Harry!), and Serena showed up to sabotage it all. This is classic toxic friend behavior. If a friend is outshining you in any way, instead of being happy for them, toxic friends try to tear them down.

Her big plan ends up not working. Sabotage was always Blair’s forte. But, that’s really besides the point. The fact that Serena did it at all is a huge red flag and the kind of energy you don’t need in your life. They could both use this guide on how to make new friends.

Blair and Serena Toxic - Gossip Girl

5. When Blair sent Serena down the runway in the wrong dress.

Oh, Blair. You sneaky minx. Remember this whole meltdown? Blair’s mom, Eleanor, wanted Serena to sit in the front row at her fashion show to buzz up some press. Blair was super jealous of that, so she sent all the models home to ruin the show. Maybe we need to write an article on toxic daughters?

Anyway, Serena swooped in to save the day by acting as a model, but Blair sent her down the runway in the wrong dress. Of course, Serena looked hot regardless. This is Blake Lively we’re talking about. All that jealousy and sabotage is super suspicious, though, and definitely an example of toxic friendship.

Blair and Serena Toxic - Serena runway

Who was more toxic: Blair or Serena?

You’re reading the words of a Blair enthusiast, so we might be biased when we call Serena the more toxic friend. Hear us out though, despite our flaws.

Blair starts out the show as the clearly more toxic individual. She’s not just a toxic friend; she’s toxic to pretty much everyone in her life. As time goes on, though, she grows out of it. We have to give these characters some grace with the knowledge that they are all supposed to be, like, 17 at the start of the series. Blair matures, and grows out of her toxic tendencies.

Blair and Serena Toxic Friends

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Serena starts out as the lesser evil, but slowly morphs into more of a hot mess. Her instinct when things get tough is to run away, and it doesn’t serve her well. She starts trying to sabotage Blair and Dan and other important people in her life.

So if we have to be the ones to call the kettle black (isn’t that the saying?), we’ll say Blair’s slightly better than Serena. But they’re both toxic AF and should call us so we can refer them to our therapist. And ask for the number for their stylists.

While we’re at it, here are five other lessons you learned about toxic friendship from television for you to read next.


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